A tracker for your soul-linked Pokémon Nuzlocke runs. Track Pokémon caught across two (or more) trainers.

🔗 What's a Soullocke?

A Soullocke follows roughly the same rules as a Nuzlocke; but instead of playing alone, two or more trainers play together.

Pokémon caught in the same area/route are "linked". They go to the team together, to the box together, and to the grave together. If one trainer misses a Pokémon on a route, the other trainers too can't catch.

🤝 Can I Share my Run?

Yes! Every run has a unique URL. You can share it with anyone you want to collaborate with. Anyone with the URL can edit.

💬 Feedback?

This is my passion project and I'd love to hear any feedback you have. You can post suggestions here on Github. If you're feeling generous, you can buy me a coffee.

🍀 More Pokémon?

Try out my interactive Typechart.